Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Shady's Back, Tell a Friend

3 months after the last blog posting, I FINALLY felt the urge to blog today! I've got a list of idea so let's hope I keep the momentum going.

If you know anything about me, you know I love to eat. You also know that I often get food all over my clothes (that big horse white Polo? RUINED!) I'm always looking for on the go stain removers. I've tried Shout Wipes (leaves a ring), Tide to Go (smells like vomit), and every other on the go stain remover under the sun. But thanks to my good friend Jennifer, I've found the ULTIMATE on the go stain remover

Yes, that's correct... CVS Brand Baby Wipes! I was skeptical at first too. Jennifer used it in a pinch to try and get Chocolate out of her Khaki pants, and what do you know, IT WORKED! Jennifer if a bit of an exaggerator, so I decided to try the product for myself, and what do you know? A strawberry stain came out of a White Oxford shirt!

You can buy them in single packets in the $1 section of CVS. Although, I don't know how gentle they are for a baby's bum bum if they're getting Chocolate out of Chinos...

CVS Soft Cloth Wipes

Love Them, or Hate Me.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Go Fly a Kite

When the weather is as nice as it was this weekend, I love to be outside. My roommate (and her BF) went to the Corey Hill Outlook park this weekend (an amazing view of Boston) and hung out, went on the swings, and most of all did my favorite outdoor activity...

Flying kites! Now it might seem like a stupid thing to do, but it's tons of fun. The best part is kites are so cheap! Check out your local Target for kites from $3.99 all the way up to over $20. The $3.99 type is so easy to rig up. Literally 1 piece of plastic and 1 clip, and you're good to go! Try it out with the roommates on a lazy Sunday, or date a date kite flying! It's cheap and lots of fun.

Friday, March 6, 2009

You May Think I'm Wacko...

BUT I LOVE JACKO! You might have heard that the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, is playing a string of shows in London this July. He claims it's his last time ever in London.... I say when he needs money again, he'll skip right across the pond. Think what you may about me, and Mr. Jackson, put aside all the drama, plastic surgery, weird outfits, and court cases. When it comes down to it, the man is really an amazing talent. So to leave us off for the weekend I've compiled a list of my Top 5 Michael Jackson songs. Here we go...

5. Wannabe Startin' Something
This is one of those songs that is most enjoyable cranked up loud with the windows down on a summer day heading to the beach. And the best advice ever "If You Can't Feed Your Baby, Then Don't Have No Baby". I'm going to send this to Octo-mom

4. Smooth Criminal
A lot of us in my age bracket will remember a cover of this song popular one summer about 12 years ago. However nothing compares to the original and the AMAZING video. The "owww"'s over and over again in the middle just make me wanna dance.

3. Dirty Diana/Blood on the Dancefloor
Two of Jackson's lesser known songs. They're a tie for me. I kind of love the dark, growling tone to both of them. They're not very 'Mike-like" but check them out. They're cool and different.

2. Black or White
Who doesn't love this song? I can remember seeing the video as a kid and loving the bridge where Jackson walks through the fire. I'm not going to lie, I actually thought he was cute, AND I wanted to look like him... My how things change. And of course, Miss Tyra smiles with her eyes in a cameo towards the end of the spot.

1. The Way You Make Me Feel
Personally, my FAVORITE Michael Jackson song. Could it be because it's in one of my favorite movies? (Center Stage) or could if be because he did a duet of it with Britney Spears at his anniversary special? Could be... but most of all I think it's a hot hot song, that like all of Jackson's songs, stand the test of time.

Don't hate me that Billie Jean, Bad, and Thriller aren't on the list. Those are OF COURSE some of my favorite Mike song's, but theyre on every list, all the time.

To Check out all of Michael Jackson's videos, head over to his YouTube page
And to pre-register for tickets to see him in London this summer. Head to his Official Site

60 degress in Boston tomorrow!! Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

3:00 Snacktime!

If you work in an office you know that some of the most exciting times of the day are when you get to eat. I know the ladies at my office start talking about lunch when we get in, and dinner after lunch. For me I eat breakfast (bagel with cream cheese), an 11:00 snack (Goldfish), Lunch at 12:30 (whatever looks good), and a snack at 3:00 (usually a cookie). But when I get home, I always want a snack... That's where my new favorite dipping snack food comes in.

Bachman's Pita Ptrezel Squares are an awesome snack. They're got all the tastes of a pretzel (yum) but baked into a perfect little square (perfect for dipping). I like mine with Spinach and Artichoke Hummus. I bite the little square in 1/2 (the inside is hollow) then scoop out the hummus, and crunch away. The hummus gets in that little pocket and its DELICIOUS! And there's no Trans Fats, Artificial Coloring, or Flavors to boot! All around (or all square I guess) it's a perfect snack.

Check out Bachman's Pita Pretzel Square
And pick them up for about $2.00 at your local SuperMarket

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Take a Letter Maria...

I'm back after yesterday's snow storm. Jamaica can't come soon enough!

I'm all about jotting down notes and thoughts here and there throughout the day. Sometimes they're quote that I run across that I like, sometimes it's ridiculous things that I over hear people saying (which in this office is lots), or sometimes it's just songs that I need to download (Brooke White "Hold Up My Heart"). But when it comes down to it, I need a journal to get through my day. Sooooo I've compiled a collection of sites where you can get awesome journals (some even customized)

I love this store! I randomly stumbled upon this website when I was looking for a gift for a good-for-nothing loser ex-boyfriend (y'all know who I'm talking about). They've got awesome journals at all different price points in all sorts of style. Some have recycled paper (go green!) and some have recycled leather! Jenni Bick also has a good ole brick and mortar storefront on Martha's Vineyard. Visit them in Vineyard Haven at 49 State Road.

Check out their Pocket Journals starting at $10. Get them embossed for $12.00 more

Rugby by Ralph Lauren is one of my favorite stores. They embody the preppy style (which I love) while giving it an edgy more deconstructed look (did they make this store for me or what?) Rugby usually has a couple journals to choose from. The one I use day to day is one Liz got me for Christmas a few years ago. It's got skulls and crossbones on the cover with blank unlined pages (my preference) on the inside.

Try this Buffalo Check Journal on sale @ Rugby.com

If you know me, you know that my go-to store for EVERYTHING is TJMaxx or Marshalls. I love discount shopping (and the TJMaxx jingle), what can I say? I've actually found some amazing journals at these stores, for really low prices (try $2.99-$8.99). When I was at TJMaxx last weekend, they had Vera Bradley journals/note cards for $5.99. Swing by and have a gander.

Click Here to find the TJMaxx near you, or Here for Marshalls


Thursday, February 26, 2009

3rd Floor... Ladies Lingerie

Shopping (or browsing) in department store is unfortunately one of my favorite past times. Lately they've been having crazy sales and lucky for me (and my bank account) I've been taking advantage of them. These aren't just 15% here and 20 % there, no no my friend, these are HUGE discounts. And boy have I got a sale and a coupon for you.
Lord & Taylor is having a RIDICULOUS sale. Try 50-60% off SALE prices. Yeah... things are marked down 50% already, then you get an ADDITIONAL 50-60% off that! And with this handy coupon to print out, you'll save 25% MORE on your ENTIRE purchase of sale items and 15% off regularly priced items. There's almost no restrictions on this coupon, so use it and use it often. It's good until March 3rd (I'm excited, can you tell?)

Now I know department stores used to be a place that only your Nana shopped, or the place where you bought school uniforms. But the department store is BACK! If you're in the Boston area, check out the Lord & Taylor at the Natick Collection, it's my favorite one.

I got a $100.00 polo shirt for $18.00 last night. And I'm not going to lie to you, I was as giddy as a virgin on prom night (TMI?)

Find the Lord & Taylor nearest you
And Print the Coupon Here

Post your deals in the Comments Section!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Goooooood Mornin'.... Good Mornin!

I'm in a surprisingly good mood this morning! I even did a little musical number with Cherri my office manager (she's a hell of a dancer...) down the hall of the office. So when I woke up this morning I looked more well rested then usual. But as we know by my previous post, these dark circles around my eyes never go away. So thanks to one of my BFF's (and personal beauty consultant) Erin, I've found a great little band-aid of sorts to diminish the circles.

Eye Slept by Tricia Sawyer Beauty is an amazing concealer. They bill it as a "good night's sleep in a jar" I call it some damn good science at work. All you need is a tiny bit (literally tiny) on the tip of your ring finger in the corner of each eye. The consistency is like a powder/creme foundation. Dab it in the corners of your eyes, a little above, a little below, and like MAGIC the light green/white color reflects the light from the corner of your eyes making you look awake and ready to go (hello gorgeous!). And guys, it doesn't even look like you're wearing makeup. It's something I can't live without.

While the little jar is $21.00 a little goes a LONG way. I highly recommend it. Just think, 1 less latte a day for a week, and it's paid for.

Order online from QVC
with about $4.00 shipping and handling

You'll love it. Promise.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Testing 1, 2, 1, 2

Looks like we had some technical problems with the blog yesterday and yesterday's posting was deleted. It'll be back in full force tomorrow.

Today, in the interest of time, my Favorite Quote:
"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams"
-Eleanor Roosevelt

Friday, February 20, 2009

Kickin It Old School

Oooo it's Friday, and man am I excited! We're going to the Boston Travel Show this weekend (scrounging for some deals) and workin a little Disney on Sunday (comes see me @ Loon Mountain). If you want FREE tickets to the Boston Travel Show click Here and enter promo code YELP2009.

Music is one of my passions in life (along with Pizza) and my tastes are all over the map. From cheesy EuroPop (The Saturdays), to Stoner music (Dave Matthew's), to old school country (Wynonna) I love it all. Today I'm channeling my inner 1960's Diva and have picked a couple of old school throwback albums that I'm in love with.

First up is Adele with her album "19". Adele's hit song, Chasing Pavements, has been on my iPod on CONSTANT repeat for months now. After her SNL performance, the song and album have taken off considerable. Now with her most recent Grammy wins for Best New Artist (beating out the JoBros) & Female Pop Vocal Performance, I'm thinking we're going to be seeing A LOT more of Adele.
*Stand Outs: Chasing Pavements

Now we move along to Duffy with her album "Rockferry". I'm loving the grit in Duffy's voice in comparison to Adele's. She's got a cool Janis Joplin/Dusty Springfield vibe to her. Her hit Mercy has been all over radio. Duffy was nominated for a Grammy this year, just proving that the States love the Brits! For some chill out music (or make out music) scoop this one up.
*Stand Outs: Mercy, Stepping Stone, Dreamer

Now for the BIG surprise. You all may remember Melinda Doolittle as the 3rd place contestant from American Idol Season 6. The album, Coming Back to You, is a collection of covers reworked to give them an old school Motown vibe. It's big instruments and lots of jingling and rattling. Very very cool stuff. The covers are of old stuff (Dust My Broom) and newer stuff (Macy Gray, yes... Macy Gray). But in some weird way, the album works and I'm loving it.
*Stand Outs: Fundamental Things, It's Your Love, Dust My Broom

Well there you go. Some music to get you through Friday and your weekend. Flick some of these on while your cleaning the apt, laying around in bed, or making out hot and heavy (a boy can dream). And let me know what you think. Post a comment in the comments section.

Check out all this great music at Amazon

Thursday, February 19, 2009

More then Just Sammies

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE Rachael Ray. I think her perkiness, big smile, and verbal diarrhea is charming. If I played for her team, I would TOTALLY have a crush on her (who am I kidding? I do anyway) So while RR (yeah we're that close) is building her empire (my uncle was PO'ed last Xmas when he couldn't get a box of Ritz crackers without her mug on it), one of the stand out pieces, in my opinion, is her magazine...
Everyday Rachael Ray is chock full of cooking, entertaining, and just life tips. Believe it or not, it's not cheesy and has really useful info. Me and the roomies love to make her recipes (Check out this month's Tortilla Chip battered Chicken Fingers that you eat like a Nacho... HEAVEN!) There's tons of 30 minute meals, snacks, and longer more involved meals (perfect for making on a Sunday before Desperate Housewives). And this month she's got a bunch of recipes that make enough for the whole gang for under $10 (take that recession). I could talk all day about this magazine... so I'll wrap it up.

Everyday Rachael Ray is $15 for a year's subsription
Take the magazine for a Test Drive! See March's Issue
Or Sign Up for her Weekly Menu Planner

She's taking over the world... and I'm fully on board

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


The Blog's back... You know I couldn't stay away for long!

Well here we are, almost a month after the last post, and people have been asking WHERE THE CRAP ARE YOU!? So here I am, back, and better then ever. So let's get to it

We'll start the re-birth of the Blog with a Beverage posting. Now as we know by my previous entry, I don't drink soda, which at times isn't always easy. I'm very picky about what I drink (unless it's Vodka) and most of the time options are Soda (which I don't do) or Water (which I'm sick of). So I've found a perfect alternative...
Lipton PureLeaf Iced Tea. This tea is the best stuff you can get from a bottle (I prefer fresh brewed or sun tea... but it's not always possible). This stuff uses real sugar to sweeten it, not corn syrup or other garbage like that (ei. Splenda or Aspartame) It also REAL tea as it's first ingredient, not apple juice, or watered down stuff like other bottled teas. It comes in White, Green, and Black tea in a variety of flavors. My favorite is the straight up Black Tea (because I'm down like that). But in a pinch I like the Green Tea with Honey. You can pick these up at the grocery store, and convince marts everywhere.

Check it out at LiptonPureLeaf.com
And as always, You'll be Thanking Me

PS: I missed you all

Monday, January 12, 2009

Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat....

blah blah blah... it's about the post office, you get where I'm going with this one. I ship lots of stuff out, one of the big reasons is that my best friend (LOVE YOU BANANA!) lives way down in dirrty Jerzey, and that Ebay "business" I've got going on the side (shhhh). So in order to get stuff to her (an obnoxious amount of journals each year) I've got to ship them. There's tons of options when your shipping, FedEx, UPS, and the now defunct DHL (thank God). But my shipper of choice is the good old fashion Pony Express... The United States Postal Service or USPS

Now I know USPS gets a bad wrap when it comes to shipping, gurenteed arrival, and handling, however economically speaking (we po 'yo), it's the best choice. I use their Click-N-Ship system. It's super easy. Just input your location , the destination, and the approximate weight of the package. Then USPS.com will generate the cost of each mailing option for you (Because I don't do math on my own)! I generally use standard parcel post, this option allows you to ship your item in any kind of packaging. No need to buy anything extra. It's got options for Insurance, Delivery Confirmation, and a host of other add on's.
The best part is the shipping label generates right from your computer's printer!! Slap it on the box and leave it for the post man (Mr. McFeely?) and he'll scoop it up and drop it where it needs to go. Done and Done.

Send me something!! Use USPS Click-N-Ship
Shipping usually cost around $6 for a standard package!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Since U Been Gone...

We've missed you! Earlier this week I briefly mentioned that Kelly Clarkson has started the journey towards the release of her new album "All I Ever Wanted" which will drop March 17th! Her last album, My December, was less then a stellar hit (although amazing). So today we're tempted with a :30 second clip of her new single "My Life Would Suck Without You"

I'm a HUGE Kelly Clarkson fan (I've seen her twice) and LOVE that she's back with some delicious ear candy. I have high hopes that come March I'll be bopping around in my car rocking out to sugary sweet KC pop! It seems that this album will be the return to main-stream radio friendly pop music that made Kelly famous. And really, it's what we want from her...

The single is available January 16th on Amazon.com.
Check out the :30second Clip HERE TODAY!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Brace Yourself...

I'm channeling my inner straight man today. As we know, I have a broad rang of favorite things, from Britney Spears to Popcorn. But today's post isn't something you can eat, listen to, wear, or dance in... it's for your car.
The product is RainX. For those of you who aren't familiar, it's a treatment that makes rain and moisture on your windshield bead up and repel away. It's really one of the coolest things I've seen. I can remember my Dad using it before we went on long drives and being fascinated by the beading and repelling (it's the little things in life), it kept me busy for hours. The coolest thing is I had forgotten all about the product until I bought their Windshield Wipers (thank you Target) which just HAPPEN to be coated with RainX! I almost got in a wreck watching the rain bead instead of the road. I CAN SEEEE CLEARRRLY NOW THE RAINNNN IS GOOOOONE.

For their full line of products check out www.RainX.com

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Microwave Popcorn is the Devil

If you know me, you know there are VERY few food items that I don't like. But towards the top of my list (under Mayonnaise) is microwaved popcorn. I don't think ANYTHING smells worse, or has a scent lingers longer (I hate it even more then the scent of Ruby Tuesdays) So I have a solution (of course)... POPCORN FACTORY

The Popcorn Factory has AWESOME popcorns, candies, and treats that you can send to yourself, or friends and family. I sent out a bunch over the holidays (where are my thank you notes?!). They almost always have a coupon for a dollar amount off, or for free shipping (paying without a coupon is soooo oldschool). Try their Goldstar Sampler that comes packaged in a gold star box (tricky) and is filled with Caramel corn, Cheese popcorn, chocolate chip cookies, peanuts, super sour fruit chews, chocolate stars and sour hard candies. All of that for only $9.99 plus shipping. If that's not a cheap way to say "Thanks for letting me stay @ your house" or "Happy Birthday" I don't know what is.
The food is delicious and ALWAYS fresh. This is one you'll be thanking me for.

Sign Up for their newsletter for weeking coupons and savings.

*I've heard their Ranch Popcorn is amazing... if that's your thing... try it and let me know

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tuesday's Coming...

And that means NEW MUSIC! Rumor has it that the new Kelly Clarkson single "My Life Would Suck Without You" will leak/premier today. Fingers crossed its not as angry as "Never Again"

I think we can agree that 2008 had it's ups (Bleeding Love) and downs (Light On) in music. But even when music is bad (I Kissed a Girl) it's damn catchy. So here's my top 10 of 2008

1. Britney Spears "Womanizer"
-No doubt this will be come one of her signature songs. Try to find the "performance" version on Youtube or however you "acquire" music. It's chopped up and HOT.
2. Adele "Chasing Pavements"
-After her SNL performance, how can you NOT love this song. Old school, bluesy, and GREAT to make out too.
3. Beyonce "Single Ladies/If I Were a Boy"
- You've got to be crazy to not want to get up and dance when this one comes on. And If I Were a Boy is pretty awesome too. B's vocals have never been better.
4. Michelle Williams "We Break The Dawn"
-The 3rd member of Destiny's Child dropped a dance album this year (betcha didn't know that) The jam is hot (and was #1 on the club charst). The rest of the album rounds out with more dance tracks as well as some surprises (check out "Too Young for Love")
5. Leona Lewis "Bleeding Love"
-It amazes me when a ballad, paired with an awesome kick drum and catchy chorus becomes a hit. Me likey
6. Raven Symone "Girl Get It"
-I know what you're thinking, BUT the song is hot, empowering, and catchy as all get out. Big girls represent!! (Also on the album "Double Dutch Bus")
7. Joey + Rory "Cheater, Cheater"
-Straight country from CMT's show "You Can Duet" BUT a lyrics that ANYONE (especially victims of no good cheaters) can relate too.
8. Nickleback "Something In Your Mouth"
-Usually, I'm not a fan of this genre (fake rock) but this dirty dirty dirty song is amazing. The louder the better
9. Christina Aguilera "Keeps Gettin Better"
-I'm liking this new sound. Saying "bitch" over and over is a little bit of forced edginess and she's TOTALLY biting Lady GaGa's style, but I think 2009 will bring good things from Xtina.
10. Danity Kane "Damaged"
-STILL can't get enough of this jam. The video, the lyrics, the harmonies... hot, hot, hot.

And if you're not loving my favs of '08, head over to Amazon.com to read their editors top 100 of 2008 as well as most downloaded songs of 2008. I'm loving buying music from Amazon these days. They've got AMAZING deals on CD's (new major label releases as low as $4.99) and single songs for as low as ($.89). And when you download it, it syncs right to your iTunes, totally seemlessly.

Check out Amazon.com's Top 100 Editors Choice & 100 Top Downloaded MP3's of 2008

Monday, January 5, 2009

It's been a while... I know I shouldn't have kept you waiting...

But I'm here now. Christmas break is OVA! It's back to the old grind and man, does it suck. But here's to a Happy, Healthy, Date-filled 2009 with TONS of new favorite things.

Over Christmas I saw tons of things that I thought "oooo put them on the blog!" but now of course, I can't remember a single one. So I'll go with one of the gifts I got/gave. Let's be honest I suck at growing things (except my waistline) so when I got a gift set of flower bulbs, dirt, and a pot, I was skeptical for sure. Turns out, they bloom quickly and the package promises me they'll look beautiful too! (If the cat doesn't get at them first)The version I received is similar to this one shown above with 4 Paper White bulbs, enough potting soil to start my own commune garden (ala Sister Act), and a very cute pewtered pot. The one I'm showing is available via Amazon.com, but the one I received came from Target (my FAVORITE). It's a great gift to give a neighbor to say "thanks for watering my plants/feeding my cat/getting my mail" or for a sick neighbor or friend to say "hey, at least SOMETHING'S healthy" or as a hostess gift (that was my best Rachael Ray impression)

Paperwhite Bulbs complete with soil and bowl is available at Amazon.com for $17.95
Let me know how your's grow!


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