Friday, March 6, 2009

You May Think I'm Wacko...

BUT I LOVE JACKO! You might have heard that the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, is playing a string of shows in London this July. He claims it's his last time ever in London.... I say when he needs money again, he'll skip right across the pond. Think what you may about me, and Mr. Jackson, put aside all the drama, plastic surgery, weird outfits, and court cases. When it comes down to it, the man is really an amazing talent. So to leave us off for the weekend I've compiled a list of my Top 5 Michael Jackson songs. Here we go...

5. Wannabe Startin' Something
This is one of those songs that is most enjoyable cranked up loud with the windows down on a summer day heading to the beach. And the best advice ever "If You Can't Feed Your Baby, Then Don't Have No Baby". I'm going to send this to Octo-mom

4. Smooth Criminal
A lot of us in my age bracket will remember a cover of this song popular one summer about 12 years ago. However nothing compares to the original and the AMAZING video. The "owww"'s over and over again in the middle just make me wanna dance.

3. Dirty Diana/Blood on the Dancefloor
Two of Jackson's lesser known songs. They're a tie for me. I kind of love the dark, growling tone to both of them. They're not very 'Mike-like" but check them out. They're cool and different.

2. Black or White
Who doesn't love this song? I can remember seeing the video as a kid and loving the bridge where Jackson walks through the fire. I'm not going to lie, I actually thought he was cute, AND I wanted to look like him... My how things change. And of course, Miss Tyra smiles with her eyes in a cameo towards the end of the spot.

1. The Way You Make Me Feel
Personally, my FAVORITE Michael Jackson song. Could it be because it's in one of my favorite movies? (Center Stage) or could if be because he did a duet of it with Britney Spears at his anniversary special? Could be... but most of all I think it's a hot hot song, that like all of Jackson's songs, stand the test of time.

Don't hate me that Billie Jean, Bad, and Thriller aren't on the list. Those are OF COURSE some of my favorite Mike song's, but theyre on every list, all the time.

To Check out all of Michael Jackson's videos, head over to his YouTube page
And to pre-register for tickets to see him in London this summer. Head to his Official Site

60 degress in Boston tomorrow!! Have a great weekend.

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ashley said...

I used to have the Dangerous cassette tape! Those were like THE BEST songs EVER! You have great song picks... I also like "do you remember the time."

Too bad he's like creepy now.


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