Thursday, December 18, 2008

Show me the Money Honey...

Usually there isn't any money in my wallet (a sad story I know) but you've still gotta put all those credit cards, CVS cards, and business cards (don't forget cat food coupons) somewhere. For years I carried around a big thick tri-fold wallet (because it's what my Dad did) but as I grew older, I saw the problem with this wallet that was obviously created by the straight man (all functionality, no design quality or practicality), not to mention the bulk and the ability to shove in as many receipts as possible (throw them away, you don't need them). So I switched to a different kind of wallet, you may know it as "The Magic Wallet"
I buy my "Magic Wallets" at JCrew (well JCrew outlet, let's be honest). The real "technology" of it all (and I use that word loosly) is the bands of elastic inside. You fold up your cash, coupons, and other whatnot's (I'm on a roll with today), place them on one side of the wallet, flip open the other side and WHAM! It's magically under those elastic straps (ahhh thats why they call it a Magic Wallet... more coffee please). JCrew makes them in tons of really cute preppy patterns and styles, my current wallet is yellow and blue silk (a tie remnent I'm assuming) and it's damn cute.

JCrew has solid leather ones on their site for $29.50 (with free shipping today)
My suggestion? Head to the JCrew outlet. They're usually between $10 & $20 and come in a lot more patterns and colors.

It's My Signature. Love it, or Hate Me

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Put Down The Remote!

Tuesday night's are usually ho-hum TV nights. There's not much to watch besides "I Eat 33,000 Calories a Day" on TLC for the 100th time, some special about tiny people (SHARON!), or extraordinarily large people (RUBY!). So if that's not your cup of tea, allow me to distract you for a moment and head over to CBS (this ain't you're momma's CBS) The only show worthy of watching tonight is on the Eyeball network...

Tune into The Mentalist. Simon Baker plays Patrick Jane, an ex-fake-psychic, turned consultant for the California Bureau of Investigation. The character uses his ability to read body language, and pick up on nonverbal cues of suspects to either exclude them, or prove that they are in fact guilty of the investigated crime (wow, that was a long time for me to not use parenthesis). Bottom line is the show is great, very intricate and smartly written. It moves along and always leaves me saying "wow, it's over already?" If you can't park it on the couch tonight and watch, make sure you set that DVR or check it out on tomorrow.

The Mentalist is on CBS Tuesdays @9pm est

Monday, December 15, 2008

No that's not mascara...

It's dark circles around my eyes from a weekend of craziness. Well to be honest, there are generally always dark circles around my eyes (thanks for the genes Dad). And over the years I've tried tons of different products to get rid of them (or at least make them less noticeable). Weeding through all the crap lotions and serums has been tedious (life's hard, I know) but when it boils down, this is the best one I've found....

It's "Lumene Radiant C-Energy Eye Intensive Renewing Eye Serum" I'm loving this stuff for a couple of reasons. One of the best is that it's a roll on stick. It makes it super easy to glide it under and around your eyes. Also it's sheer (no goop, I promise) and it doesn't leave a film on your skin (because that's just icky) Also, you can pop it in the fridge and roll it on nice and cool in the morning (perfect for making that hangover look far better then it is). Better yet it's really easy to get (unlike some face products). $20 might sound like a lot for a face product, but this is well worth it, and you'll be dark circle free or a couple of months @ least!

Find it @ CVS for $19.99. Online, or in the Store

Friday, December 12, 2008

Deck the Halls (And all the Garbage)

*Missed a day yesterday. Work was Crazy (Yes, I actually work)

Well Xmas time is upon us (if I see one more "Keep Christ in Christmas bumper sticker, I'll scream) and that means shopping, cold weather, and horrible horrible Christmas songs. While I have my host of favorite (cough cough Cheetahlicious Christmas cough cough) I would never make anyone (except maybe Liza) listen to it (well any of my Cheetah Amiga's really). So a good middle of the road xmas CD (something you AND Grandma can listen too @ Xmas dinner) is.....
Platinum Christmas. Here's why I love it. 1st it has Britney's one and only recorded Xmas song on it (My Only Wish This Year). 2 Whitney Houston's song "Who Could Imagine a King" is amazing. Crank it up and get that hand in the air, You'll be belting it out. 3 Xtina (Christina Aguilera for those not in the know) singing in espanol is hysterical/very entertaining (she's like one 1/14th Guatimalian?) 4, it reminds me of my Teeny Bopper days (going to TRL on a 1/2 day anyone?) and an era of amazingly disposable pop music. They just don't make them like that anymore...

I know it's 8 years old @ this point, but it's still well worth it.
Check it out @ iTunes

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Minds out of the gutter please! We're talking Vacuums here! I know what you're thinking, "what a lame post! I thought this blog was supposed to be about cool things!" Well pipe down my judgy friend. This vacuum IS cool (believe it or not). It's one of the best things Chelsea ever gave me (besides her undying love) and one of the best things a roommate has ever left behind (I have quite the collection) It's the Bissell Featherweight Stick Bagless Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner A mouthful I know. Here's why I love it...
When you have hardwood floors (like I do) you don't need one of those big honkin Hoovers (my mom has one that was a wedding present 26 years ago, it's orange, yes orange). All you need is a little vacuum stick like this. The BEST part is that the handle comes off, the attachment pops out, and you've got yourself a little hand held dust-buster! Just pop the handle back in, and its back to doing bigger jobs. I find it best for corners and base boards, but with the right attachment, it does low pile carpet too (someone get me an informercial please). Plus the cord is long so you can to a couple rooms from one outlet & it's bagless (bags are sooooooo 1999) with a HEPA filter! (no more ahhhchoo's when your cleaning)

Better yet, It's a Bargain! $24.99 @

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

What's not Breakfast, but Isn't Lunch, and CERTAINLY not dinner?

BRUNCH! Being a snotty kid who grew up in Connecticut, Brunch was a part of every weekend. Whether it was after church when we were kids (yes thats right... I went to church) or on a Holiday (Easter, Mother's Day... crap even flag day) we were at brunch. Scoff if you must, but I LOVE brunch. It's perfect for Saturday or Sunday's when you wake up late, and just don't know what to have. So I've complied a list of my FAVORITE brunch spots in Boston:

569 Tremont Street, Boston's South End
Saturday Morning they have a prix fixe brunch for $10! It comes with a cinnamon bun, 3 choices of meal, toast, hashbrowns, and bottomless coffee & juice. Meals (ala carte) are usually around $10, so this deal is amazing.

Sunset Grill/Cantina
130 Brighton Ave Allston & 916 Comm. Ave Brookline

Old faithful. Me and the roomies LOVE Sunset (almost too much) and it's my favorite spot for a first date (it's a crowd pleaser) The best part about Sunset's brunch is that it comes with a FREE Mimosa or Bloody Mary. You can find me wherever there's free alcohol, especially before noon.

Trident Cafe & Booksellers
338 Newbury Street Boston. (Near Hynes)

The lemon & raspberry filled french toast is amazing. Although we've had some pretty horrible service here over the years, it's still on my list of most delic places... and cheap too!

Stephanie's on Newbury
190 Newbury Street, Boston

This is the place to bring mom/dad/grandparents to brunch when they're in town. Stephanie's is know as THE place on Newbury to go (take that Sonsie) and I met Mark Sommers here a few years ago (Shane, you still owe me $50 from that night)

My Brunch Picks. Love Them, or Hate Me.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Sweet Sweet (Free) Music...

Every Monday I get excited about the new music that comes out every Tuesday. I like things that are consistent (because not many things are) and I know that every Tuesday, I can count on a bucket load of ear candy (the sweeter the better). But one of the BEST thing's I've found is...

AOL Music Full CD Listening Party! Every Monday the biggest releases of the week are streamed in FULL through the site. No tags, no "AOL Music First Listen" over and over again in the background, just full on streaming albums. It's an awesome way to preview stuff before you scurry over to iTunes and buy the album (or say THANK GOD I didn't buy that album). You can stream all week along until the next batch of releases comes out. And the coolest part? You can add it as a gadget to your iGoogle Homepage! You'll be thanking me for this one...

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Water is the New Coke...

Once upon a time, I was a Diet Coke addict. Addict you say? I know what you're thinking "I love Diet Coke too! I have one with lunch, I have one with dinner!". Well my sweet sweet friends, my addiction went far beyond that. The problem was coupled with enablers (Chelsea... Kristin...) who also loved soda (Chelsea Coke & Dr. Pepper, and Kristin Caffeine Free Diet Coke). It was bad and running my life (kinda like a pussy kid from the suburbs Meth). So I quit and replaced Diet Coke with this...

Poland Spring Sparkling Water (preferably the Orange variety). The orange flavor is as good as a clementine (which my roommates Bubby send's from Palm Beach every year) and the bubbles (as stupid as this might sound) are just big enough. Not enough for contstant burping (ew), but enough to let you know HEY! I'm a SPARKLING water!

And Hey... You know I like ANYTHING that Sparkles

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A HUGE Day!!

OK I don't want to over sell this... but today is the BIGGEST DAY OF THE YEAR! Britney Spears HIGHLY anticipated album "Circus" drops! Annnnnnnd... she announced her TOUR!!! She will be in Boston March 16th, and I've got presale tickets (can you tell I'm excited?) Below are my thoughts on the new CD "Circus".

In all, I love it. But honestly she could warbble and croak through the danish alphabet, throw in a few "are you ready?"'s and "baby baby"'s and I would be rocking out to it. But I promise, Circus is far better then that (really). It starts out with a bang with Womanizer (her first #1 since Baby One More Time) and keeps rocking into the new single "Circus". It rounds itself out with the ballad "My Baby", assumingly about her boys. The album tells more of a story they it appears at first listen. Keep a close eye on the lyrics, they're not as superficial and friviousl as you might think.

Stand Out: Circus, If You Seek Amy, Blur (you might think its a song about a hook-up, but it's actually a song about the aftermath of the night she was committed...)

This is Circus. Love it, or Hate Me.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Mega Cheap

Like a hooker's shoes. No no, like MegaBus! It's the cheapest way to get to/from NYC from Boston. I love to travel, but with repaying student loans, and those credit cards (where's my bail out?!) it's not in the budget to be jet setting like I want. And I used to go to NYC a couple times a month (remember that loser I dated who lived in Jersey but claimed it was NYC?) but since then, there hasn't been a reason for me to spend buckets of money to get to New York. So the solution... MegaBus.

At least one seat on each run to/from NYC from Boston is priced at $2.50. And no, I'm not "pulling on your legs" (as the indian woman in my office says) I cannot tell a lie (unless I'm looking to get in bed with you). It's cheap enough so you can splurge on fun things in the City like Theatre Tickets, A "Gucci" bag on Canal street, or my personal favorite drinks (lots of them) @ Sushi Samba in the West Village (try the Samba Juice). Don't forget to buy a round trip ticket! Tickets can only be purchased online (WOO HOO Paperless!)


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