Thursday, February 26, 2009

3rd Floor... Ladies Lingerie

Shopping (or browsing) in department store is unfortunately one of my favorite past times. Lately they've been having crazy sales and lucky for me (and my bank account) I've been taking advantage of them. These aren't just 15% here and 20 % there, no no my friend, these are HUGE discounts. And boy have I got a sale and a coupon for you.
Lord & Taylor is having a RIDICULOUS sale. Try 50-60% off SALE prices. Yeah... things are marked down 50% already, then you get an ADDITIONAL 50-60% off that! And with this handy coupon to print out, you'll save 25% MORE on your ENTIRE purchase of sale items and 15% off regularly priced items. There's almost no restrictions on this coupon, so use it and use it often. It's good until March 3rd (I'm excited, can you tell?)

Now I know department stores used to be a place that only your Nana shopped, or the place where you bought school uniforms. But the department store is BACK! If you're in the Boston area, check out the Lord & Taylor at the Natick Collection, it's my favorite one.

I got a $100.00 polo shirt for $18.00 last night. And I'm not going to lie to you, I was as giddy as a virgin on prom night (TMI?)

Find the Lord & Taylor nearest you
And Print the Coupon Here

Post your deals in the Comments Section!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Goooooood Mornin'.... Good Mornin!

I'm in a surprisingly good mood this morning! I even did a little musical number with Cherri my office manager (she's a hell of a dancer...) down the hall of the office. So when I woke up this morning I looked more well rested then usual. But as we know by my previous post, these dark circles around my eyes never go away. So thanks to one of my BFF's (and personal beauty consultant) Erin, I've found a great little band-aid of sorts to diminish the circles.

Eye Slept by Tricia Sawyer Beauty is an amazing concealer. They bill it as a "good night's sleep in a jar" I call it some damn good science at work. All you need is a tiny bit (literally tiny) on the tip of your ring finger in the corner of each eye. The consistency is like a powder/creme foundation. Dab it in the corners of your eyes, a little above, a little below, and like MAGIC the light green/white color reflects the light from the corner of your eyes making you look awake and ready to go (hello gorgeous!). And guys, it doesn't even look like you're wearing makeup. It's something I can't live without.

While the little jar is $21.00 a little goes a LONG way. I highly recommend it. Just think, 1 less latte a day for a week, and it's paid for.

Order online from QVC
with about $4.00 shipping and handling

You'll love it. Promise.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Testing 1, 2, 1, 2

Looks like we had some technical problems with the blog yesterday and yesterday's posting was deleted. It'll be back in full force tomorrow.

Today, in the interest of time, my Favorite Quote:
"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams"
-Eleanor Roosevelt

Friday, February 20, 2009

Kickin It Old School

Oooo it's Friday, and man am I excited! We're going to the Boston Travel Show this weekend (scrounging for some deals) and workin a little Disney on Sunday (comes see me @ Loon Mountain). If you want FREE tickets to the Boston Travel Show click Here and enter promo code YELP2009.

Music is one of my passions in life (along with Pizza) and my tastes are all over the map. From cheesy EuroPop (The Saturdays), to Stoner music (Dave Matthew's), to old school country (Wynonna) I love it all. Today I'm channeling my inner 1960's Diva and have picked a couple of old school throwback albums that I'm in love with.

First up is Adele with her album "19". Adele's hit song, Chasing Pavements, has been on my iPod on CONSTANT repeat for months now. After her SNL performance, the song and album have taken off considerable. Now with her most recent Grammy wins for Best New Artist (beating out the JoBros) & Female Pop Vocal Performance, I'm thinking we're going to be seeing A LOT more of Adele.
*Stand Outs: Chasing Pavements

Now we move along to Duffy with her album "Rockferry". I'm loving the grit in Duffy's voice in comparison to Adele's. She's got a cool Janis Joplin/Dusty Springfield vibe to her. Her hit Mercy has been all over radio. Duffy was nominated for a Grammy this year, just proving that the States love the Brits! For some chill out music (or make out music) scoop this one up.
*Stand Outs: Mercy, Stepping Stone, Dreamer

Now for the BIG surprise. You all may remember Melinda Doolittle as the 3rd place contestant from American Idol Season 6. The album, Coming Back to You, is a collection of covers reworked to give them an old school Motown vibe. It's big instruments and lots of jingling and rattling. Very very cool stuff. The covers are of old stuff (Dust My Broom) and newer stuff (Macy Gray, yes... Macy Gray). But in some weird way, the album works and I'm loving it.
*Stand Outs: Fundamental Things, It's Your Love, Dust My Broom

Well there you go. Some music to get you through Friday and your weekend. Flick some of these on while your cleaning the apt, laying around in bed, or making out hot and heavy (a boy can dream). And let me know what you think. Post a comment in the comments section.

Check out all this great music at Amazon

Thursday, February 19, 2009

More then Just Sammies

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE Rachael Ray. I think her perkiness, big smile, and verbal diarrhea is charming. If I played for her team, I would TOTALLY have a crush on her (who am I kidding? I do anyway) So while RR (yeah we're that close) is building her empire (my uncle was PO'ed last Xmas when he couldn't get a box of Ritz crackers without her mug on it), one of the stand out pieces, in my opinion, is her magazine...
Everyday Rachael Ray is chock full of cooking, entertaining, and just life tips. Believe it or not, it's not cheesy and has really useful info. Me and the roomies love to make her recipes (Check out this month's Tortilla Chip battered Chicken Fingers that you eat like a Nacho... HEAVEN!) There's tons of 30 minute meals, snacks, and longer more involved meals (perfect for making on a Sunday before Desperate Housewives). And this month she's got a bunch of recipes that make enough for the whole gang for under $10 (take that recession). I could talk all day about this magazine... so I'll wrap it up.

Everyday Rachael Ray is $15 for a year's subsription
Take the magazine for a Test Drive! See March's Issue
Or Sign Up for her Weekly Menu Planner

She's taking over the world... and I'm fully on board

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


The Blog's back... You know I couldn't stay away for long!

Well here we are, almost a month after the last post, and people have been asking WHERE THE CRAP ARE YOU!? So here I am, back, and better then ever. So let's get to it

We'll start the re-birth of the Blog with a Beverage posting. Now as we know by my previous entry, I don't drink soda, which at times isn't always easy. I'm very picky about what I drink (unless it's Vodka) and most of the time options are Soda (which I don't do) or Water (which I'm sick of). So I've found a perfect alternative...
Lipton PureLeaf Iced Tea. This tea is the best stuff you can get from a bottle (I prefer fresh brewed or sun tea... but it's not always possible). This stuff uses real sugar to sweeten it, not corn syrup or other garbage like that (ei. Splenda or Aspartame) It also REAL tea as it's first ingredient, not apple juice, or watered down stuff like other bottled teas. It comes in White, Green, and Black tea in a variety of flavors. My favorite is the straight up Black Tea (because I'm down like that). But in a pinch I like the Green Tea with Honey. You can pick these up at the grocery store, and convince marts everywhere.

Check it out at
And as always, You'll be Thanking Me

PS: I missed you all

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