Friday, November 28, 2008


It's the day after thanksgiving and lucky me, I'm at work. Being the big cheese is hard (cry for me please). So while I won't be doing any ACTUAL work today, I will be reading lots of blogs (which hardly differs from most days). Below are some of my favorite blogs.

Perez Hilton
(The Queen Of All Media. Get your daily dose of celeb gossip in the trashiest format possible)

(My friend Amy's BF's blog. Its dinosaurs put into crappy office job situations. HYSTERICAL)

Breathe Heavy
(The OFFICIAL Britney Spears fan site. It's basically like a Britney Spears facebook. They must have a GPS on that bitch)

(Check out all the latest geeky techy things.)

Passive-Aggressive Notes
(HYSTERICAL. Get ready to laugh your ass off. It's just what is says, a collection of submissions of passive-aggressive notes. If you have roommates this site is a MUST)

Cake Wrecks
(When professional cakes go HORRIBLY wrong. It makes you realize that there are people in the world dumber then you)

As you sit in a stuffing stupor of left overs and bad morning TV. Sit back and enjoy these blogs. And think of me @ the office toiling tirelessly over marketing-like things. (Or really just reading these blogs.)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Today, I'm Thankful for...

STOVE TOP STUFFING! Ok so I get excited over stuffing, what can I say? For a carb craver like me, Thanksgiving is the best time of year. Just fill my plate with stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes and crescent rolls and I'm good (hold the turkey and veggies please). But I must admit, I love stuffing all year round and there have been PLENTY of drunk munchie nights when I wish I had this...
A single serving stuffing cup!! Stove Top FINALLY (I mean come on we can put a man on the moon...) have individual servings of stuffing! 45 Seconds in the "nukerwave" and BINGO! Thanksgiving anytime. It sure beats teetering a hot pot of stuffing on my stomach while I'm drunk and ready to pass out on the couch (I'm pulling from personal experiences here).

Happy Thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Plop Plop, Fizz Fizz...

I feel like garbage. What could turn this day around you ask? Easy, Alka Seltzer Plus Cold. When I'm feeling like I've been run over by a truck full of beer (It was the drink that killed him.. Mrs. Doubtfire anyone?) I pop a couple of these in a tall glass of water and chug like a frat boy on spring break (ORLANDO '05!! WOO HOO).

The Effervescence makes my nose all tingly and the orange flavor makes it just a little more bearable. But hey, this could taste like Liver and I would still take it. This bad mama-jamma works like nothing else.

Monday, November 24, 2008

A Day Without Fingers

On your glove's that is! Fingerless gloves are one of the best invention of our time (well kinda...) If you're a texting nut like me they're the perfect thing to keep your hands warm while your fingertips get their work out. Or for the occasional smoke (cough cough) they're great to flick a lighter without having to worry about your fingers catching on fire.

Check out these Wool & Cashmere versions from JCrew (my fav store). They've got them in Blue or Red for a pop of color with that boring black North Face you always wear (admit it, you know it's true). And best of all they're on sale $20.00. A perfect gift for boyfriend, brother, uncle, cousin... well you get the idea.

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